Agribusiness Consultation

Ethics, innovation and vision of future.
These are the pillars at Partner Agro Service.
We provide the best experience to your company when hiring an Agribusiness Consultant.

Here are our efficient solutions for your company:

Business Startup
Support for starting commercial activities for foreigner companies wishing to sell in Brazil. Partner is able to provide strategic support to issues related to the installation, operation and action in the Brazilian market, before, during and after obtaining the registrations.

Due Diligence
In corporate mergers and acquisitions, it is important to perform audits and investigations into the Registrations. The result of this work will sustain the decision-making process and the definition of the new strategies. With discretion and confidentiality, we offer this service for the success of your business!

Strategic Planning
Well-developed plans ensure optimized results! We develop the Strategic Planning for your company, providing elements for the development of new products for both medium and long-term. We strive to ensure that the plan developed is aligned with your company's vision of future.

We work in post-registration supporting companies during the importation process, transportation and storage stages. We seek commercial partners acting in the agribusiness market who can trade the new, regulated products. Count on us also during this stage of the process!