Product Development and Registration

Product registration is key to participate in the Brazilian agribusiness.
Partner works in the registration of agricultural inputs, focusing on:

  • agrochemicals and similar products
  • fertilizers
  • sanitizers
  • inoculants
  • products for organic farming

We meet the legal standards established by the regulatory agencies, as well as
offering support for the registration of Trademarks and Patents.

Work Stages:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Acquisition of RET - Temporary Special Registration
  • Identification of Laboratories and Research Institutions
  • Follow-up on field and laboratory studies
  • Development of registration processes and monitoring up to approval
  • State product registry
  • Legalization of the company for trading
  • Support for the operation of the company, from the
          importing of product, customs clearance, transportation and storage.
  • Identification of commercial partners
Registro no Brasil
Registration in Brazil Registration in BrazilRegistration in Brazil
Registration in Brazil
Registration in Brazil

Understand the product registration process:

Brazil is one of the largest agricultural producers in the world.

In order to meet the constantly growing demand for food, it is necessary to use quality inputs that allow us to exploit the maximum genetic potential of crops in a certain area. This improves agricultural productivity without needing to open new agricultural frontiers, preserving the environment.

Likewise, the constant search for products that have less risk to human health is indispensable.

Within this scenario of continuous improvement, Product Registration is pivotal for agribusiness, especially when related to agrochemicals, which are highly regulated, according to Law no. 7.802/92 and Decree no. 4.074/02.